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Tips For Dealing With Sewage Sludge

Does the septic system that is used for your rural farmhouse always leave you with a lot of sewage sludge in the drainfield? Being that you are in the farming industry, there are several things that can be done to remove and make money from the sludge. Sewage sludge might seem as though it is too toxic to use, but it is actually a biosolid that many farmers purchase for assistance with growing their crops. However, the sludge shouldGa actually be treated for safety before it is sold as a fertilizing product. Take a look at this article for helpful suggestions in regards to how you can make money from your sewage sludge.

Why Farmers Use Sewage Sludge for Crops

Farmers use sewage sludge for farming because it is considered an organic type of fertilizer. The great thing about organic fertilizer is that there are not a large amount of harmful chemicals in it that can contaminate crops. The main thing that farmers enjoy about biosolid fertilizer is that it has a large amount of nutrients in it, such as nitrogen and phosphorous.

Selling Biosolids without Breaking the Law

You must understand that when you are dealing with a product that can possibly be harmful, you must abide by the law before it is sold. Depending on the laws in your state, you might need to get a permit before you can begin selling the sewage sludge to people. A permit is usually necessary because it is the government's way of protecting the environment and people from toxins. Basically, the permit will make sure that you are selling sludge that has been properly treated.

Getting the Sludge to a Treatment Facility

You can hire a company that handles biosolids when you are ready to transport your sewage sludge to a treatment facility. The company will be able to come to your farm and load the sludge onto a dump trailer. Transporting the sludge on your own can be a dirty and difficult task if you don't have the right equipment and vehicle for it. Even if you decide to simply get rid of the sewage sludge instead of selling it, a biosolid company can remove it from your property and dispose of it on your behalf. Get in touch with a biosolid handling company to setup a date for someone to visit your farm with a dump trailer so the sludge can be transported.

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