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Four Tips On Recycling Cardboard

Cardboard somehow always ends up in the house, whether it's from package deliveries, boxes of canned sodas, or from large pieces of packaged furniture. Here are four tips to help you recycle it all:

  1. Call for Cardboard Pick Ups: Many cities offer cardboard recycling pick up so that the cardboard can get recycled properly. It's important to call for cardboard delivery and, in some cases, you may be given a bin for you to strictly place your cardboard so that it's ready to go on pick up days. This is a great way to enforce cardboard recycling in your home so that it actually doesn't end up in the regular trash bins. 
  2. Break It Down: Cardboard is bulky, which means that it takes up large amounts of space. To help you sort it out, you will want to break it down. This makes it easier to fit into your recycling bin, as well so that you aren't running out of space, which is one reason people end up throwing recyclables into the actual trash bin. This is especially important if you do have cardboard pick up, since breaking down the cardboard will eliminate the number of pick ups that you need to call for. 
  3. Keep it Clean: Dirty and wet cardboard can cause problems during the recycling process. First off, wet cardboard can't be processed correctly and can, in fact, cause clogs in the machines that are used to break it down. Dirty cardboard that has grease stains, food stains, and other stains, such as this also cannot be recycled because it will be considered contaminated and discarded anyway. 
  4. Decrease Consumption: If possible, it's best to try and eliminate the amount of cardboard you are bringing into your home. There are alternatives to consider, such as hemp boxes, which are great to use if moving. You can also eliminate by avoiding the purchase of food products that are packaged in cardboard and decline the use of cardboard boxes to carry out your groceries, which is common practice in wholesale stores, such as Costco. 

With these four tips in mind, recycling cardboard can be made much easier. You can avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed with the amount of cardboard left stranded in your home, which commonly happens at times of a move or bringing in new furniture to the house. The best tip of all is to just be more mindful of your household's use of cardboard and how to eliminate it where you can. 

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