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Waste Removal Considerations: Five Tips

Remodeling a bathroom, changing things in your living room or replacing kitchen cabinets will take focus and decisive planning. However, you may be only tangentially aware that the waste your property accumulates for these projects needs to be addressed. In fact, mistakes regarding waste removal could burden you with unnecessary additional costs and city fines. Which waste removing details should be acted on?

Getting Permits

You might have already spent some days talking over permit applications with those in the municipal construction or building offices. You likely received approvals for whatever interior or exterior work you're doing. However, it's common to completely skip permits for removal of property trash and waste. These applications also need to be done in some cases, particularly if waste dumpsters will be brought to your property. The city could end up asking you for multiple fees if you don't receive approvals for the waste removal, so ask.

Determining a Location

You'll want to be smart about where you'll place receptacles and dumpsters. Avoid putting large bins on grass; the weight could leave permanent marks and indentations. You might also want to consider neighbors' sensitivities by placing dumpsters in areas that are most private and they aren't viewable from the street. Ensure that you'll easily travel back and forth by eliminating any obstacles between the doors and bins or dumpsters.


Because working with so many materials is probable, you're likely to end up with waste that you can actually repurpose or recycle. Wood can be used for your other personal projects, as can metal. If you aren't using them for yourself, many recycling centers will take them, as will other hobbyists or contractors. Concrete, usually not considered a recyclable item, can often be repurposed in multiple ways; ask whether local centers will accept large chunks from you.

Scheduling Daily Tasks

Trash can build rather quickly when deliveries are made, walls are demolished and other tasks are finished. Leaving everything until the end of the day can create a huge job that you don't always have energy for. For that reason, periodic cleanup activities throughout the day should be scheduled. You might pair these tasks with breaks so that you look forward to those times.

Waste or trash removals should be arranged after consideration of these details. Companies which provide these removal services can be contacted to determine the plan which is suitable for both your property and your project.

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