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Five Ways To Maximize Efficiency When You Rent A Dumpster For A Construction Project

A rented dumpster is essential to many construction projects. You need to be able to efficiently dispose of waste on your construction site to keep things in order. This not only maximizes safety, but also makes it so that your construction work can progress as quickly as possible.

The following are five things that need to be done around your work site with your dumpster rental to maximize the efficiency of your construction project:

Doing your best to estimate the amount of waste you'll produce before arranging your rental

The better your rented dumpster is sized to the needs of your project, the more efficiently you'll be able to dispose of waste. It's important to carefully calculate your need in terms of capacity when you're making plans for your dumpster rental.

Analyze your project carefully beforehand to take stock of the amount of waste you're going to have to get rid of. Then, be sure to ask your dumpster rental representative about all the available dumpster capacities before you decide on a particular dumpster rental. 

Leaving the loading door open when possible

You'll probably want to leave the loading door for your dumpster open all the time if possible. This way, workers at your site won't have to lose time in constantly reopening the door to dispose of waste items when necessary.

Discussing the type of waste you'll be disposing of with a representative from the rental company

It's important to notify your dumpster rental provider of what type of waste you need to dispose of beforehand. Depending on the type of waste you're disposing of, you might have to pay additional disposal fees.

If you don't notify your dumpster rental provider that you're disposing of toxic or chemical waste beforehand, you might have additional fees added on to your rental costs. This can throw off your budget, so make sure that you're aware of added waste disposal costs beforehand. 

Not placing items strategically to avoid empty space

You need to put thought into how you're packing waste items into your dumpster. If you don't plan things out carefully, you're going to end up with a lot of empty space in your dumpster and a lot of excess waste that you can't fit.

Place items strategically to fill in all the available space as your dumpster fills up. 

Strategically locating the dumpster on your work site

All of your workers need to have ready access to your dumpster to dispose of items efficiently. For this reason, it's important to carefully plan out the placement of your dumpster. Place your dumpster in a central location where possible so that all workers that need it don't have to go out of their way to dispose of waste. 

Speak with a construction dumpster rental service to learn more.

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