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How To Generate Less Waste On Construction Sites

Construction crews generate a lot of waste when working on a project. A new construction site can generate six pounds of waste per square foot on average. Waste causes construction companies to lose money. For these reasons, project managers have to find ways to cut costs. Read on to find out how to generate less waste on construction sites.

Limit Supplies To Project

Some project managers like to order materials and packaging in advance. When working on a construction project, you should make a list of the supplies and materials necessary for completing the job. However, you can save by ordering supplies for current projects instead of ordering all your materials in advance.

How To Handle Waste

It also helps to determine what type of waste is generated from the project. You need to know how to handle the waste.

A dumpster rental from a company like the one represented at can really help in this situation. Rental companies deliver a roll-off dumpster to your construction site. These dumpsters can be used for a variety of materials, such as brush, stumps, soil, dirt, clean concrete, household debris and clean construction debris. The cost for this service depends on the type of debris, dumpster size, weight of debris, and length of rental period.

Recycle Your Materials

Construction recycling helps you save money and is good for the environment. You can start by recycling the material that is used the most in your project. Asphalt, dirt, wood, and concrete are some of the most common materials used on a construction site. These materials are easy to recycle. It helps to find recycling centers in your local community that accept these materials. If you use a dumpster service, then you can have the company take the load to the recycling facility.

Reuse Materials

If you have something left over from a construction project, then you can reuse the items. Reusing a material is beneficial to the environment because you do not have to reprocess it. If you choose to reuse a steal beam, then you save on energy costs. This prevents from having to melt down and cast a new steel beam. You can also donate items to scrap metal yards.

It is important to make sure your crew members are onboard with reducing waste. You should educate everyone about the recycling, reusing, and saving aspects of your construction job. If you establish a waste management plan, then you can decrease waste and costs.

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